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Electric Breast Pump


All-in-one design breast pump & easy to use.

Safe and hygienic.

3 modes each with 9 levels ( massage, stimulation and expression)

USB rechargeable battery.

Quiet operation and high efficiency.



-All-in-one design breast pump & easy to Use-Upgraded all-in-one design, without additional tubes to connect the pumps to the milk bottle. By using the integrated electric breast pump, you can operate it with one hand, small and exquisite, easy to carry out and without taking a place.
-Safe and Hygienic-The 100% closed system electric breast pump creates a barrier between breast milk and the tube. This will prevent the milk from getting stuck in the tube where mold, bacteria and viruses can grow. In addition, it is made of BPA-FREE silicone, ensures safe breastfeeding for your babies.
-3 Adjustable modes each with 9 Levels – The pump has 3 modes (massage, stimulation, expression mode) . Each mode has 9 different levels, easy touch the screen to adjust the pump level. This makes this portable breast pump provide the natural and shaky suctions of a baby to provide a soft and comfortable experience for moms.
-USB rechargeable battery- The built-in 850 mAh rechargeable lithium battery can run the pump for 2-2.5 hours if it is fully charged. The full charge takes 1.5 hours. The best friend when mom goes to work or travel, easily charge the breast pump through the power bank, laptop, wall charger or car charger.
– Quiet pump and high efficiency-Turn on the electric breast pump and automatically start a gentle pacing mode to stimulate milk flow. It pumps more milk in less time thanks to its 3-phase expression technology. Silent working makes it suitable to use at night without disturbing your baby.


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